IMG_1162 LDPBrian Dodds was born in New Zealand in 1949. He began making jewellery at the age of 16, then later studied design in Sydney, Australia. By 25 years of age he had already worked in interior design, had been a photographer in the Vietnam war, and had worked in the design studio of the British Leyland car company. His passion however always remained with jewellery.

Being dissatisfied that design ideas always seemed to revolve around standard jewellery making techniques, he decided to travel widely studying various traditional styles in many countries. Later he settled in Japan and made a name as a jewellery artist making collection pieces for jewellery companies, galleries and private clients. A health condition brought him back to New Zealand in 1987 leading to extensive research into natural medicine and healing.

In 2012 a desire arose to pick up the jewellery tools again.

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