14322451_10153992371083995_5784999617749780369_nNatalie Hazelwood & Diana Torrens

As part of a South Island Tour in January 2016, we were in Takaka and strolled into Brian Dodds Jewellery Designs shop to ‘ browse’.
We were inspired by the range of jewellery pieces on display.

Whilst browsing, and moving to trying on several rings, Brian came over to talk with us, and what would normally be a conversation around ‘can I help you with anything’ ?….ended up in a broad conversation that went about one hour, including the extra jewellery training he undertook in Japan. The rapport was quick and genuine.


img_1111-ldpWhen we got engaged May this year (2016), we knew instantly we were going to commission Brian to design our rings. As we were not living in NZ, this relied on huge trust

The process was easy and smooth as we exchanged information about design features, measurements, and associated costings
Once the design was agreed (drafts photos sent on email), Brian went about his work and had them ready several weeks
before the wedding date – a real comfort to us
Brian also provided information about courier experiences. Given we had to get them to Vancouver before our wedding day, this was a huge help
We were so excited to try our rings when they arrived…….and the moment we opened the lovely boxes he sent them in, we were almost in tears…they were ‘perfect’


img_1095-copyWe would highly recommend Brian to anyone who is looking for professionalism, design uniqueness, and 100% trust in delivering to customer specifications

Brian has a true craft in jewellery design, and is fabulous to deal with in all ways

Our massive heartfelt thanks to Brian
Our rings rock !

Diana & Natalie





Ben Rodrick

Hi Brian! we have finally announced and can publicly talk about our engagement. Thanks again for all your hard work, especially at such short notice. The rings have stood in great stead over the last four months and we are just as happy with them (if not more!) than when we first laid eyes on them.
We are very much looking forward to treasuring these beautiful objects for years to come. The energy, knowledge and passion is evident throughout your work.
All the best for the future,

Ben & Rosie